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Koljeda Grafika

the graphic journal of helloimkelsey

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The graphic journal of helloimkelsey.

Female named Kelsey. Lives in California. Extremely lazy when it comes to everything non-graphics related. Uses Adobe CS6. Makes graphics of most of her main interests (pop culture-wise). Bit of an otaku. Loves music. Checks her livejournal everyday!
I try to write tutorials on a weekly monthly random(?) basis. They are usually coloring tutorials, but I'm trying to write other ones. Once in a (long long) while I may post an icon batch, or maybe a texture set. That's about it. I like comments. And if you take something, you should always always credit (it's just polite!). I may not respond to your comments, but I definitely read them! So please take 5 seconds of your life to write one (it helps me know whether or not my post is useful/worth-taking). And rules on editing my stuff: go ahead, I really don't care. But please credit me for the original. Ask as many questions as you like, I usually answer them within a day. And yes, you can join, join, join!